Bureau Chief/Correspondent, Jerusalem

Led reporting and news coverage with three reporters and three producers at spike in Palestinian uprising against Israel. 

President & CEO
Patricia M. Neal

Patricia M. (Pat) Neal leverages corporate, brand, public relations, and network news broadcast journalism expertise to design and execute global communications strategies that drive business success.  She is known for her strategic and pragmatic approach and exemplifies sound judgment and strong decision making skills while balancing numerous, and often diverse, factors with agility. Politically savvy, she strategically builds strong influencer networks to accomplish client goals. 

Ms. Neal founded the agency in 2001 to leverage her extensive, successful, results-oriented communications background.  Her clients appreciate her ability to quickly grasp complex issues and decipher into clear, strategic communications. She and her team achieved more than 1,000 on air segments for their clients in the first three years of operation alone.

For 13 years, she was the head of global corporate communications for Bacardi. Serving as Vice President, she led all communications for one of the world’s largest wine and spirits producers, operating in more than 150 countries and selling more than 200 brands and labels. The team she built has won more than 20 top communications awards. 

Prior to forming the agency, she was an accomplished and award- winning journalist at CNN. 

She served as Bureau Chief, Correspondent, and Producer for CNN, covering critical news stories from Washington, D.C., Cairo, Jerusalem, Atlanta and Miami. Ms. Neal is the winner of multiple awards for journalism excellence.

Correspondent & Producer, Washington, D.C.

Political correspondent for multiple elections and numerous presidential campaigns; in depth political issues coverage. 

Awards for Excellence in Journalism

  • Best Newscast of Year for Challenger Disaster: Ace Awards 

  • Best Live Breaking Coverage for Stock Market crash: DuPont Award

  • Best News Coverage for siege at Waco: Emmy Award

  • Excellence in Covering Ongoing Campaign Finance Abuses: Joan Barone Award

  • Top Continual Coverage for key Cuba Crisis: RTNDA Award

Supervising Producer, Atlanta

Oversaw, directed all on-air content for global network, including newscasts and breaking news; managed correspondents, producers and writers. 

Bureau Chief/Correspondent, Cairo

Responsible for coverage of Arab diplomacy during Gulf War. Built trusted relationships with Arab leaders, resulting in critical access and exclusive stories. 

Correspondent/Producer, Miami

Headed US-Cuba coverage; broke all major stories related to US-Cuba relations through development and ongoing nurturing of key government contacts.